About Shisuko Tomoto

Shisuko Tomoto is known as a representative artist in Japanese primitivism and a symbolic artist in “Self-taught and Naive  Art”.

 Shisuko Tomoto (Born in Kumamoto, 1913-2005)

shisuko tomoto

(younger sister and Shisuko TOMOTO)


1961 Suffered from cerebral hemorrhage. Started sculpturing stone.

1963 Started painting with pigment used by her son.

1969 Received Kawachi award from Gugen Art Association.

1970 Moved to Osaka.

1992 Published the book of paintings “Shisuko Tomoto cultivates canvases”.

1994 Solo Exhibition “Shisuko Tomoto cultivates canvases” (Yokaichi city art and culture hall, Shiga; Harmo Museum, Nagano; Kumamoto Prefectural Museum of Art).

1996 Group Exhibition “From the Collection Naivety in Art : A Decade of Exploration” ( Setagaya Art Museum, Tokyo).

2000 Group Exhibition “What is ‘Simplicity’ ? Life & Vision” ( The Museum of Art, Ehime), Solo Exhibition “Shisuko Tomoto cultivates canvases” (Bukkyo University Shijo Extention Center, Kyoto).

2001 Suffered from anemia and cognitive impairment, Group Exhibition “To live together” (Minakuchi culture hall, Shiga).

2002 Group Exhibition “Naive paintings” ( Fukuoka Art Museum).

2005 Died.

shisuko tomoto

(last work “MOON”)

2006 Group Exhibition “The Record of the aged runnning fast” (Borderless Art Museum NO-MA, Shiga).

2008 Group Exhibition “Picnic or Wander” (Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto), Group Exhibition “My Art-full Life” (Kawaguchi city art gallery, Atlia, Saitama; Kyoto Univercity of Art and Design Gallery Aube).

2009 Solo Exhibition “Shisuko Draws Akihiro Miwa” (Gallery Nishiri, Kyoto), Group Exhibition “Three Grandmothers” (Harmo Museum, Nagano)

2010-2011 Group Exhibition “Henri Rousseau and Naivety.Life and Creation the collection of Setagaya Art Museum”(YOSHIZAWA GARDEN GALLERY,Chiba;Otaru City Museum of Art,Hokkaido;Cultural forum Kasugai Gallery, Aichi;Kasaoka City  Museum,Okayama)

2013 Solo Exhibition”Celebrating 100years of Shisuko Tomoto” (Uki City Shiranui Museum, Kumamoto);Group Exhibition “Homage to Henri Rousseau the World of Naïve Painters and Outsiders” ( Setagaya Art Museum, Tokyo);Group Exhibition “CAMK collection vol.4 Veni, vidi, vici. Kumamoto!”(Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto).

2014 Group Exhibition “Taro Okamoto et L’Art Brut” (The Taro Okamoto Museum of Art, Kanagawa)

2015 Solo Exhibition”Shisuko Tomoto – The Grandmother Artist with the Heart of a Child” (Cultural forum Kasugai Gallery, Aichi)

2016 Outsider art fair NY 2016

Public collection:  Setagaya Art Museum, Tokyo,  Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto.

shisuko tomoto